The Whitest Kids U' Know - Season 2 Episode 8 (full episode)

Commentary track from the DVD. Sorry about uploading the 4th episode commentary first (I was really tired!)

Commentary track from the DVD.

Happy Easter - this is my 100th upload! I wanted to upload something special but anything to do with the WKUK has been upped to oblivion. :( Commentary track ...

Commentary track from the DVD. NOTE: This is exactly what it sounds like on the DVD - the commentary and sketch tracks are merged for some reason.

The Whitest Kids U' Know.

WARNING: CONTAINS NUDITY. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. In this episode: Falling Ladies, Tar Toast #1, Successful Relationship, Tar Toast #2, ...

In this episode: Take My Face Off, Boiler Room, Driving Instructor, Entertainment Today, Dogs Love Boobs, Auto Erotic, Bear Problems, and Good Morning Dad.

In this episode: Invincible Kid, Business Battle, Dogs Love Boobs!, and Greatest Conductor.

WKUK - Season 2 Episode 7 COMMENTARY

WKUK - Season 2 Episode 7 COMMENTARY
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